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Product Description

Scale 1:6 Scale
Item Condition MISB
Type Fine Art Statue
Material Pre-Painted Cold Cast Statue
Sculptor Erick Sosa


A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!  Kotobukiya’s Fine Art Statue series continues to bring you the ultimate in high end collectibles with the most amazing figures on the market.  Following up after the android Avenger Vision and the brutal vigilante known as the Punisher, the Marvel Universe returns to the roots of one of the most popular characters in comic books with WEAPON X!  A nearly immortal mutant with a powerful healing factor and heightened senses, Wolverine was further enhanced by an adamantium-laced skeleton and ultra-sharp claws.  He was given these upgrades by a secret government program that experimented on mutants, and it was the Department K facility in Canada that transformed Logan into a feral killing machine designated Weapon X.  Now you can celebrate the classic version of the Marvel Universe hero with an incredible 1/6 scale Fine Art Statue featuring multiple display options!

Depicting a grieving Wolverine having escaped from the Weapon Plus research facility, the former experiment stalks through the frozen Canadian wilderness equipped with unbreakable bones and claws but missing his memories.  Weapon X stalks up an ice-laden outcropping, muscles bunched and ready to attack anything that threatens him.  The feral mutant walks barefoot, clad only in black trunks and decorated in the remains of his experimental treatment; metal plugs dot his limbs and torso, while cables connect various scanners around his waist.  Weapon X’s signature claws are popped and prepped, gleaming on the mutant’s outstretched hands.  Best of all, there are two included interchangeable portraits so you can customize your display: your Weapon X can be bareheaded with a snarl on his face and his thick hair blowing in the wind or wearing his trademark heavy helmet complete with red visor and additional cables!

Sculpted by master artist Erick Sosa, Weapon X stands a whopping 13 inches tall (1/6 scale) on an incredibly detailed snowy mountain diorama base modeled after the harsh winter environment of Alberta, Canada where Department K is located.  The definitive Weapon X statue, this Fine Art version will be a glorious centerpiece in your collection!


Product Size

Height: 11.00" (28 cm) | Width: 14.00" (36 cm) | Depth: 20.00" (51 cm) | *

Volume Weight

15 kg 

 * Size and weight are approximate values.

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